Attract-A-Mate Pheromone Cologne

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  • Attract-A-Mate Pheromone Spray
  • Attracts women like a magnet
  • No scent
Quick facts
Attract A Mate Pheromone Spray will make women desire you. Buy Attract-A-Mate and other pheromone sprays at, where we never share any of your information with anyone.

Item Description carries a few pheromone sprays, colognes and perfumes. Pheromones are chemicals signals that occur naturally in mammals, and certain types of pheromones can cause one animal to become attracted to another. Pheromone colognes and perfumes contain synthetic human pheromones, to help you attract members of the opposite sex. carries a number of these products, but none named so directly as Attract-A-Mate. Attract A Mate really tells it like it is, no nonsense. Attract-A-Mate is a pheromone enhanced spray that claims to sexually attract women like a magnet.

Attract-A-Mate is applied just like a cologne or aftershave. After application, you'll be enjoying benefits like:
  • Igniting her sexual passion!
  • Triggering animal-like arousal in women!
  • Arousing her wildest desires
  • Causing other men to envy your amazing special attraction powers!

All that in one bottle? I'm about to take a shower in it.

Ingredients: Synthetic human pheromones, allantion, octorcylene, water, lecithin, alcohol, ectohormones and almond oil.

1 oz.
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