Tight Man Anus Tightening Gel


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  • Anal Tightening Gel
  • To tighten your anus
  • Feels like the first time, every time
Quick facts
Tight Man Anal Tightening Gel is a desperate measure for desperate times. Tight Man ships discreetly from ShopInPrivate.com, where we never email or add you to any list.

Item Description
Anal Tightening Gel. Sometimes a product is so heinous it even confounds the staff at ShopInPrivate.com. We have so many questions. Such as: aren't anuses already tight? Why would you want a tighter anus? Is the plural form of anus "ani"? Wait ... if an anus needs to get tighter does that mean it's LOOSE? How did it get loose? And if it's so loose, does the poop just fall out? Should we sell you a cork to keep your poop in?

And soon enough, we're shoulder deep in a sea of questions we don't want the answer to.

But here you have it, folks, one of the world's weirdest products: Tight Man Anal Tightening Gel, for your first time, every time. This anal tightening goo was formulated to help tighten the sensitive anal tissues for enhanced pleasure. You should feel your anus tighten immediately after you apply Tight Man.

Word on the street is that after too much anal sex (how much? We're not sure; we couldn't find a scientific study), your anus can permanently relax and loosen, eventually causing prolapse. So if you tend to have a lot of anal sex, you may not get as much pleasure out of it as time goes on. The Anal Tightening Gel contains an ingredient called alum, which causes tissues to pucker up.

TIght Man Anal Tightening Gel just might make your anus feel tighter for more intense anal sex. Try it and let us know how it works for you. The world is waiting for some customer reviews.

Net Wt. 1 Fl. Oz (30mL)
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