Soft Tampons

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  • Soft Tampons
  • Small, soft tampons that can be worn during sex
  • 3 per box
Quick facts
Have sex while wearing a Soft Tampon—your partner won't be able to tell. Get this incredibly private feminine hygiene product at, where we sell the solutions to your problems.

Item Description
The Original Soft Tampons offer you security without dealing with a hanging string during menstruation. They were developed according to the latest gynecological testing. The design is state of the art and safe to wear in the sauna, while playing sports, swimming, and as well as during sexual intercourse. While having sex, your partner will not be able to tell you're wearing it.

Comfortable and pleasant to use, these tampons are dermatologist and clinically tested. They are easily removed as described in the instructions: When you squat or sit on the toilet and "bare down" (like when you are in labor or having a bowel movement), your cervix and muscles will push the tampon down, making it easy to retrieve with your fingers.

3 soft tampons.
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