The Fist of Fury Dildo

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The Fist of Fury Is A Fist Shaped Dildo with a handle. Have ship the Fist of Fury right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Quick facts
  • Fist of Fury
  • Pthalate and Latex Free Materials
  • A fist-shaped dildo

Item Description
Do you and your lover suffer from fist-orifice incompatibility (FOI for short)? What is FOI? FOI is a sexual condition that potentially affects millions of Americans. It is described as when the fist of one lover and the orifice of another are not the correct size.

Is that a real condition? I'm not sure, but it is the only possible reason I can imagine that you would need a fist shaped dildo. Right? I mean, I can see why you might need a penis shaped dildo. Penises don't stay hard for very long and only men have them.

But fists are different. Everyone has two fists and they stay firm forever. So, if someone wanted to experience the sensation of a fist inside themselves, I would think it wouldn't be too hard to find one. The only problem would be in their lover's fist wasn't the right size. Are you following me? And since it is trendy to develop an acronym for any type of medical condition I have coined this condition Fist-Orifice Incompatibility or FOI.

What's the cure for FOI? I'm glad you asked! If your FOI condition is the type where one lover's fist is not large enough for the other lover's orifice, then the cure is to buy a Fist of Fury from The Fist of Fury is the size of a large fist and can be used in any orifice. It is pthalate and latex free so is safe to use. It should meet the needs of 50% of FOI sufferers.

What happens to the other 50%? What should people looking for someone with a small fist do? Well, I guess you could wait for someone to introduce a smaller fist dildo. Don't hold your breath though folks.
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