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  • CB-3000 Male Chastity Device
  • Lock your man's penis up
  • For chastity play or cheaters
Quick facts
The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device is a locking cage that puts you in control of his sexual fulfillment. Get this weird sex toy at ShopInPrivate.com, where we ship and bill with the utmost discretion.

Item Description
Got a problem with a cheating boyfriend or husband? Boy, do we ever have the answer. The CB-3000 is a male chastity device. Around the office, we call it "the dick cage." Yes, the CB-3000 is a locking cage that makes it very, very uncomfortable for him, should he get an erection. It locks up his penis so he can't use it to have sex—only to urinate.

The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device is a great way to control your man. I mean, you could lock his entire body in a cage ... but then he could still get erections all day. The Chastity Device allows him the freedom of going to work, visiting his friends, going about his day ... it just punishes him every time he has a dirty thought. Let's say he sees a hot girl as he's driving down the street. Or maybe a coworker touches his back unexpectedly. The Male Chastity Device immediately punishes him, locking down against even the beginnings of a boner. The Male Chastity Device stops the problem as soon as it starts.

Some people use the Male Chastity Device for chastity play, which is a way to exert control and punishment. It's a version of BDSM play. Whatever you use the CB-3000 for, just know that it works. It includes a brass padlock, plastic locks, one heavy-duty, medical-grade polycarbonate cage (3 inches in length; 1.375 inches in diameter), locking pins and spacers and a padded, zippered storage bag.

The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device is a locking cage that puts you in control of his sexual fulfillment. We feature this weird sex toy at ShopInPrivate.com for your entertainment.
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