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The Voob

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  • A boob with a vagina
  • Three inch diameter
  • Made from TPR
Quick facts
Now you can have sex with a boob and a vagina at the same time, thanks to the magic of The Voob - a boob-shaped male masturbator with a fuckable hole!
Item Description
Okay, I think this is a statement that any guy who’s into girls will agree with: having sex with a pair of boobs is pretty great. And having sex with a vagina is even better. But you know what’s best of all? That’s right: having sex with boobs (well, one boob) and a vagina at the same time.

“But that’s impossible,” you protest. “Trust me, I’ve slept with hundreds of women with all kinds of different body types, and none of them have boobs in their vaginas or vaginas in their boobs.”

First of all, woah, hey, no need to brag so much. No one’s calling your sexual prowess into question. Awfully defensive of you to jump straight to “I’ve slept with hundreds of women.” Is that the first thing you say to everyone you’ve just met? Cool down, man.

And secondly, you don’t have a damn clue what you’re talking about. It is very much possible to have sex with a boob and a vagina at the same time. The secret? You’re looking in totally the wrong place trying to do it with actual real women. No, if you want to experience this pinnacle of , you’re going to need the Anime Boob Masturbator.

The Voob is an ultra-soft male masturbator made from body-safe TPR and shaped just like a round and supple boob, complete with an erect nipple and textured areola. It measures approximately 3 inches in diameter, which might be a little smaller than some of the boobs you’re used to, Mister Big-Time Stud, but it does have one distinct advantage over them. On the back side, opposite the nipple, it has a tight hole that’s shaped and textured inside to mimic the feel of a vagina. Just stick your dick in there, and boom, look at that, sex with a boob and a vagina at the same time. Not so impossible now, is it?
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