Intensity Vibrator - For Pleasure and Kegel Exercises

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  • Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator
  • Strengthens and tones PC muscles
  • Takes 4 AAA batteries
Quick facts
The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator is the first of its kind. Have ship the Intensity Exerciser right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.

Item Description
The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator was made to tone your vaginal muscles and pleasure you with intense vibration. This revolutionary sex toy uses electro stimulation to automatically strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for stronger orgasms.

The J'open Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator works to stimulate and tone your vaginal muscles in a number of ways. To experience the Intensity Vibrator, insert the five inch shaft into your vagina. This kegel exerciser is made from smooth, comfortable silicone. The vibrating bunny ears will sit atop your clitoris. Now push the soft spot on the underside of the vibrator. This spot inflates the shaft of the vibrator. Inflate the shaft until its the perfect size for you. To deflate the shaft, simply press the black button, which functions as a release valve.

Now activate the vibration by using the controls at the base of the vibrator. You'll feel dual vibration on your clitoris and g-spot. Finally, activate the stimulation option. You'll feel soft, tingling electrical stimulation in your vagina, which will cause your vaginal muscles to involuntarily squeeze and clench. Using stronger stimulation settings will make your vagina work harder. Play with the settings until you find one that drives you wild. As you experience intense pleasure, you'll also be doing Kegels, thereby toning your pelvic floor.

The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator is the first sex toy of its kind. It can give you more intense orgasms and impart other sexual wellness benefits as well. Strong vaginal muscles help with better sex, childbirth, menopause, incontinence a myriad of other sexual concerns.

The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator is 12 inches long, with an insertable length of 5 inches. This luxury vibrator features two e-stim electrodes on the shaft, and a powerful clitoral stimulator. Choose from 5 intense vibration speeds and 10 electo-stimulation levels.

Takes 4 AAA batteries. Use with water-based lubricant and the included Intensity Electrode Gel.

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