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  • Sweeten 69
  • For men and women
  • Sweetens secretions for him and her
Quick facts
Sweeten 69 uses bee pollen and fruit extracts to make him and her taste better. Get Sweeten 69 at ShopInPrivate.com, where we ship your items discreetly and bill discreetly too.

Item Description

Here at ShopInPrivate.com, people write us with their personal problems. We get countless questions about oral sex, but the one people ask most: "How can I make my lover (or myself) taste better?" We get this question from men and women, and we have finally found a pill that helps both partners taste sweeter.

Sweeten 69 uses fruit extracts and bee pollen to sweeten you up downstairs. Diet is very important when it comes to tasting good. We always tell people who ask about tasting better to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit, especially pineapple. Sweeten 69 Chewable Tablets are full of pineapple, kiwi, banana, celery and strawberry. They give you a burst of fruit so you don't have to eat a ton of it before oral sex.

The all-natural Sweeten 69 Tablets make oral sex tastier and more exciting. Give one to your partner and tell them what it does, or lie and say it is a vitamin C tablet. Take one tablet on an empty stomach one hour before sex to get the best results.

2 chewable tablets.

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