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  • Nyagra Pills
  • Natural climax intensifiers
  • One serving
Quick facts
Try the Nyagra pills for increased sexual response and more orgasms. Get them at ShopInPrivate.com, where we ship completely privately, in plain brown paper boxes.

Item Description
Nyagra for Women is one of the best plays on words we've seen in a while. Nyagra, get it? Nyagra rhymes with Viagra, and Niagara Falls is a really wet place. Hopefully, your panties will be too, after you try Nyagra.

Nyagra claims to intensify orgasm and assist in multiple orgasms and squirting. We're dubious about that last one; maybe you could try it for us?

This supplement contains vitamins C, E and B12, as well as Zinc. You'll also find hydrolyzed protein, Swedish flower, pine bark extract, and maca root. These things are actually pretty healthy, and as we all know, increased health leads to increased female ejaculation! (Maybe.)

Contains 2 pills, or one serving. Works best with regular use.
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