Insane Personal Moisturizer - Warming & Stimulating

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  • Insane Erosense Personal Moisturizer
  • Really feels like a finger moving inside you
  • Warming and slick
Quick facts
Insane Erosense Lube is a personal moisturizer for women that causes intense warming and a feeling of movement inside. Get it delivered in a plain brown paper box from

Item Description
I don't know how to tell you this ... but this lube feels like a finger moving inside your vagina. That's an insane claim, right? When our sales rep told us about Insane Lube, I was skeptical. Of course, I tried it the minute I got home.

Insane Lube gives your ladybits an all-over warming feeling. You can use it internally or externally to feel this strong heat. When you apply Insane internally, wait a couple of moments. Suddenly, you will begin to feel a moving sensation over your g-spot and vaginal walls. You'll feel warmth spreading inside you, but then you'll feel the best part: the true feeling of finger stroking your vaginal walls. I would say it were creepy if it didn't feel so great. It's very arousing.

I'm guessing this lube feels the way it does because the vagina doesn't have many nerve endings, and the nerve endings it does have are located in the first third of the vagina, near the opening. There must be something about the way these nerve endings react to the warming sensation of Insane Lube, that registers to the nerves as a feeling of movement. That's about as sciencey as I can get here, folks. All I know is that this lube is worth trying, because it feels GOOD. I like to use it before foreplay, so I can get aroused a few minutes ahead of my boyfriend—as we all know, every minute counts!

This lube is body-safe, paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and glycerin-free. It's hybrid formula imparts an intense feeling of heat, and long-lasting moisture for better sex.

4.2 fl. oz./125 ml e.
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