Back Slide Anal Lube - With a Natural Muscle Relaxer

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  • Back Slide Anal Lube
  • Relaxes anal muscles
  • Four inserts
Quick facts
The Back Slide Anal Lube make anal sex easy, pleasurable, and less messy. Get these discreetly shipped to you from, where we never share your personal info.

Item Description
Back Slide Anal Lube is an amazing new anal lubricant that doesn't numb your anus; it actually helps your muscles relax for easier, more pleasurable anal sex. We love Back Slide because it contains natural ingredients, and comes in insertable tubes. That's right; you don't have to apply BackSlide with your fingers. You simply insert the tiny applicator, squeeze the lube inside, and get down to business.

Back Slide Anal Lubricant contains clove, a natural antibacterial agent. It also contains Acmella oleracea, or Spallanthes flower. This is a natural muscle relaxant that will help your rectum relax. If you have a large partner or are worried about having anal sex for the first time, we recommend this relaxing lubricant.

ID BackSlide Anal Lube Inserts come four to a package. Each insert tube is 0.27 fluid ounces. This lube is silicone-based, condom-safe, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. To remove, use soap and water.
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