Sir Richard's Ultra Thin Condoms - 12 Pack

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  • 12 Condoms
  • Ultra Thin
  • Latex
Quick facts
Sir Richard's are ultra-thin premium condoms. This is a 12 pack, and for every condom you buy, one will be donated to people in a developing country.

Item Description
Tally-ho, gents and dames! Hast thou grown tired of proletariat prophylactics? Art thou seeking an artisan armor with which to adorn your sword of pleasure, as you sally forth onto the battlefield of lovemaking? Seek no further! The good knight Sir Richard has come bearing luxurious contraceptives for all the world’s swains and concubines, so that they may fearlessly indulge in the hedonistic satisfaction that formerly even the noblest of nobles could only dream of.

Sir Richard’s claim to be the world’s finest condoms, and with this impressive list of features, we can see why:

-Ultra thin sheerness with the same strength of normal condoms, allowing for more pleasurable sensations
-No parabens, glycerin, or spermicide
-Certified vegan and PETA-approved
-Made with natural rubber latex, with minimal latex odor
-Capable of warding off a dragon’s flames

Well, perhaps not that last one. But, when used properly, condoms can help reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy, which are even scarier than a dragon’s flames.

And, because Sir Richard is truly a knight of the people, for every condom purchased, they will donate one to people in a developing country. You might as well call him the Robin Hood of Rubbers, with this commitment to contraceptive equality for all!

Comes with 12 condoms.
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