Sex For Dummies Book - Insult Their Sexual Prowess

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  • Sex for Dummies Book
  • Sex tips for people who don't understand it at all
  • Highly insulting to either gender
Quick facts
The Sex For Dummies Book is one of few ways you can insult the sexual prowess of someone of either gender, making it a very versatile revenge gift.'s Revenge products let you anonymously get your payback.

Item Description
Nobody ever likes being called a dummy (except maybe some identity-confused ventriloquists). But people like it even less when it comes to a subject as sensitive as sex. It’s one thing to say someone’s too aggressive in bed, or too passive, or they do this thing or that thing a little bit wrong. But a straight-up dummy at sex? There’s nothing redeeming about that. Hearing such a scathing and personal insult is a blow to the pride that not many have the mental fortitude to recover from. And if hearing it is bad enough, just imagine how it must feel to open up a package and see that someone has mailed you an entire book telling you you’re a sexual dummy. See ya never, self-confidence.

Obviously, the Sex for Dummies book would make for the best revenge if sent to an ex-lover who did you wrong. Being told you’re bad at something always hurts the worst coming from someone who’s actually done it with you. But chances are good that, even if you’re mailing it to someone you haven’t slept with, they’ll probably be pretty insulted by it. Nobody is immune to the shame of being so openly called out. Even the macho-est of macho-men, who might act like such a bogus accusation doesn’t phase them, will secretly start doubting themselves from the moment they read the front cover. They may not show it, but oh, that self-doubt is there, alright. And because of how personal an insult this is, you can be sure it will be for a long time to come. The Sex for Dummies book is a gift of revenge that just keeps on giving.

When you order this item, we’ll send it to whomever you choose, wherever you choose, with no indication of who sent it to them. We’ll only ever reveal your identity if ordered to by a subpoena.’s Revenge products are the best way to get back at someone cheaply, effectively, and anonymously.
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