Fellatio Kit - For People Who Need to Learn to Suck a Dick


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  • Fellatio Kit
  • A variety of aids and advice for blowjob techniques
  • For people who are so dumb you can't even tell them "suck a dick"
Quick facts
There are a wide variety of situations when you might want to tell someone they need to learn to suck a dick, and the Fellatio Kit has you covered in all of them. ShopInPrivate.com's Revenge products let you anonymously get your payback.

Item Description
You’d be surprised how many occasions there are when you might find it fitting to tell someone they need to learn to suck a dick. Sure, there’s the obvious one: give it to your ex who was terrible at giving head but great at breaking hearts. But here are some other possible receivers:
  • Your ex-boyfriend who you’re pretty sure dumped you via text message because he’s secretly gay
  • That uptight coworker or classmate who keeps trying to get you in trouble for every little thing you do, who just needs to get laid so she can stop being so uptight
  • Anyone who you want to yell “suck a dick” at, but who’s too dumb to even do that

    For all these situations and so many more, this Fellatio Kit makes a great way to get the message across. It includes both an instructional DVD and a deck of cards with tips on them, because one source of information just isn’t enough for this hopeless case. It also comes with an oral sex vibrator, a stretchy cock ring, and a flavored oral sex spray, to assist them in their dick-sucking journey. If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is - that’s just how much help they need!

    When you order this item, we’ll send it to whomever you choose, wherever you choose, with no indication of who sent it to them. We’ll only ever reveal your identity if ordered to by a subpoena. ShopInPrivate.com’s Revenge products are the best way to get back at someone cheaply, effectively, and anonymously.
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