Nice Nuggets Lotion

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  • Nice Nuggets
  • A liquid powder
  • Keeps your balls clean and dry
Quick facts
Nice Nuggets Drying Lotion is a scented lotion that keeps your balls dry and clean. Have ship Nice Nuggets right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.

Item Description
Ball sweat got you down? Having a pool party in your pants? That's the kind of party no woman wants to attend. Keep your pork n' beans clean, fresh and dry with Nice Nuggets, a drying lotion that keeps your gonads from getting smelly and sweaty.

Nice Nuggets has a fresh smell that we can only describe as manly. But manly in a showered way, not manly like the way your balls smell right now. Help stave away jock itch and discomfort with Nice Nuggets.
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