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Nipple Bulb Nipple Enhancer Set

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  • Nipple Bulb
  • Nipple Enhancer Set
  • With 4 nipple erection rings
Quick facts
The Nipple Bulb Nipple Enhancer Set provides gentle suction and helps you maintain erect nipples. Have ship the Nipple Bulb right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Item Description
Want your nipples to look perky and erect? Or maybe you love the feeling of suction on your nipples. The Nipple Bulb Nipple Enhancer Set features a suction bulb that applies gentle, pleasing pressure to your nipples, coaxing them to an erect state. Squeeze the bulb gently to stimulate and enhance your nipples.

The Nipple Bulb is a gentle suction device that enhances and raises your nipples. Just apply the bulb to the nipple and squeeze lightly. To keep your nipple erect, use one of the four included erection rings. They will hold your erect nipple in place.

Contents: Nipple Bulb, 4 erection rings.
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