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The Powerful Silver Bullet Vibrator

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  • The Silver Bullet
  • A small, intense vibrator
  • Great for solo play or for exploring with a partner
Quick facts
The Silver Bullet is a small, versatile vibrator. Purchase the Silver Bullet here at We ship discreetly and never share your personal information with anyone.
Item Description
Bullet vibrators are intense and compact vibrators, perfect for those new to vibrators, couples who want to explore, or for the girl on the go. A silver orb encases the vibrating mechanism, while the controller holds the batteries and the speed control knob.

A small wire runs between the silver bullet and the controller. Takes 2 AAA batteries.

You will probably find the bullet to be a very versatile item. With a bullet vibrator you can stimulate almost any area of the body. Get yours from The World's Most Private Store.

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