Sexy Breath Spray for Her - Aphrodisiac & Pheromone Breath Freshener for Her

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  • JO Fresh Breath Spray
  • For women
  • Aphrodisiac and pheromone infused
Quick facts
JO Breath Spray contains aphrodisiacs and pheromones to attract people to you. Get it at, where we never email you after the sale, or add you to any newsletters.

Item Description
Sexy breath. I've never really thought about breath as sexy, but we know when breath is unsexy: when it smells like a potent mix of onions, beer and cigarettes. You know those days when you order extra garlic sauce at lunch, and eight hours later you're still like: "What was I thinking?!" This breath spray can help. It's potent and powerful, for sexy whispers and kisses all night long.

This breath spray is a tasty peppermint. It is different than other breath sprays because it contains pheromone attractants and aphrodisiacs that make you irresistible, resulting in more kisses.

0.12 fluid ounces/ 3.5 mL e.
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