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Coochy Shaving Cream 7.2 Oz Bottle

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  • Shaving lotion softens even the coarsest hair
  • Comes in fragrance-free, original, green tea and pear berry scents
  • Prevents rashes and cuts, especially in the bikini area
Quick facts
Coochy Rash-Free Shaving Creme is formulated to soften and protect your skin while you shave. Coochy Shave Creme soothes your sensitive skin for a close shave without nicks or shaving bumps. It's perfect for the bikini line. Purchase Coochy privately at
Item Description

Coochy shave is a extra gentle shaving cream that can be used for pubic shaving and other private areas. Coochy Shave might have a terrible name, but it is one of those beauty secrets that women have sworn by for years. This shaving cream almost guarantees a rash-free, perfect shave. Just use it with a high-quality razor and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Here at we specialize in products that are a little bit embarrassing to buy or ask about. A lotion that is gentle enough to use for pubic shaving is one such item. We hope you will appreciate the ability to to shop in private for this and other personal items.

Coochy Conditioning Shave cream is a rash-free body shave for all areas of the body (legs, underarms, pubic area and face). Coochy leaves skin smooth and soft. Coochy Shave is also a highly moisturized hair conditioner that will soften the coarsest body hair. Beards too!

Coochy Shave Original has a mild scent similar to many shampoos. Choose from a 7.2 oz. size or the 12.5 oz. size.

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