The Violator - Questionable Name, Unquestionable Power

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  • Made from PVC, ABS, and metal
  • Takes 4 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Almost 15 inches long
Quick facts
The Violator is an intensely powerful vibrator that measures nearly 15 inches long. Is it really any wonder why it earned that name?

Item Description
We can’t imagine what the pitch meeting must have been like when they decided to name this thing. Seriously, “The Violator” was the most appealing name they could come up with? What were the alternatives? The Assaulter? The Desecrater? The Deflowerer? No thanks. Let’s just call it something else that doesn’t have such violent connotations. How about “Billy?” Yeah, that sounds a lot better. I’d much rather have Billy inside me than The Violator.

Billy is a truly gigantic thrusting and vibrating dildo, measuring a whopping 14.25” in total length, 9.5” of which are insertable. He’s girthy, too, with a diameter of 3” at the widest point (which is pretty much the entire length of the shaft). The shaft and head are hyper-realistically textured for enhanced sensations, and the motor delivers unrelentingly powerful vibrations at 4 different speeds and 9 different modes. It also features simple intuitive controls and an easy-grip handle, but we wouldn’t call it easy to use - there’s nothing easy about taking 9.5 inches of seismically shaking power inside you. Hands down, Billy is one of the most powerful and definitely one of the biggest vibrators we’ve ever sold.

Okay, on second thought, we kind of understand why they called this thing The Violator. Sorry, Billy.

The Violator is made from PVC, ABS, and metal, and is completely phthalate-free. It can be used with any silicone- or water-based lubricant, and should be washed with antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap and warm water. The Violator takes 4 AAA batteries (not included).
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