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Butt Plugs That Won't Shoot Out of Your Butt When You Orgasm SALE
Booty Vibro Butt Plug Kit Bullet with Remote SALE

Two Vibrating Butt Plugs

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  • Booty Vibro Butt Plug Kit
  • Experience anal beads or a rounded probe
  • Comes with a strong vibrating bullet
Quick facts
The Vibrating Butt Plugs may be pink, but women and men can enjoy them. At, we adhere to the highest standards of discretion in order to fully protect your privacy.
Item Description
So here's one of these problems that no one ever talks about.

You're having sex, or masturbating, really in the thick of it. You are using a toy or a partner in your favorite way. You also happen to have a butt plug in. I mean, why hold back? You're an adult, and you can wear a butt plug if you damn well please.

You feel the big moment coming on, and you're just about to come. As you begin to shudder and shake, your butt plug applying pressure in all the right places, you orgasm. In the throes of pleasure, you feel something funny ... something not-so-nice. It's the butt plug. Wait. It's gone. Did it ... escape somehow? Where the hell is it? Dear God, how far did it fly?

One moment you're shivering with pleasure; the next you've pooped a large object out of your butt. In fact, your ears are ringing and you realize your lover is beneath you, cracking up, hardly able to breathe. Even if you're alone, Butt Plug Escape™ can really ruin the feeling of a giant orgasm.

Behold, The Butt Plugs That Won't Shoot Out of Your Butt When You Have an Orgasm! These trusty butt plugs have a perfect shape—a bulbous end and flared base—that makes it hard for your bum to expel them.

As you have an orgasm, your PC muscles contract over and over. This is why a shoddily-made butt plug will escape during orgasm. A well-made butt plug will stay in place, only leaving your butt when you're good and ready.

The Booty Vibro Butt Plug Kit comes with three pieces: a short, slim butt plug; a graduated set of anal beads; and a super powerful bullet that fits in the handle of each plug. Because the butt plugs are silicone, the inserted vibrator makes the whole plug vibrate. You can choose to use the plugs with or without the added vibration. The phthalate-free, body-friendly butt plugs are fairly small in size, so they are perfect for beginners. You get a lot of variety in this pack.

Takes 2 AAA batteries. Clean with an antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. Always use with lots of water-based lubricant.

Sizes: 3.75 x 1 inches (Probe 1); 4.5 x 1.25 inches (Probe 2)
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