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Man Butt Masturbator - A Sex Toy For Gay Men

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  • Man Butt Masturbator
  • For Gay Men
  • Ultra Pure-Skin Material
Quick facts
The Man Butt Masturbator has a pretty spectacular name. The Man Butt ships discreetly from, where we never email or add you to any list.
Item Description
We're over the moon for this masturbator, simply because of the name: Man Butt. Seriously! Man Butt. Tell it like it is, Man Butt. The Man Butt stroker is a simple tube masturbator, crafted to look like a man's butt hole.

What we don't understand? Aren't butt holes the same across the board? Doesn't a man's anus look just like a woman's anus? Minus all that hair, of course. It seems you could trick a man with the Man Butt. "This is your favorite female porn star's ass," you could say. And then once he's finished, you could let him know that he actually just banged a man butt.

The Man Butt Masturbator's anus is pretty giant, we must say. Men's anuses are probably bigger than women's, for the most part. We bet a lot of scientific study hasn't been devoted to this fascinating subject.

The Man Butt is a light flesh-toned masturbator with a realistic anus. It has a soft, stretchy feel with a ribbed chamber and an open end so you can control suction.
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