Big Johnson Golf Bag Masturbator

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  • Silicone male masturbator
  • Looks like a golf bag
  • Two holes in one
Quick facts
The Big Johnson Golf Masturbator may not be as discreet as it's trying to be, but it makes a perfect gag gift for the guy who loves golf a little too much.

Item Description
Are you looking for a discreet male masturbator; a pocket pussy that you can hide in plain sight without worrying about anyone figuring out what it is? Well, this is not the answer. Who do you think you’re going to fool with a miniature plastic golf bag that says “Big Johnson” all over it? You might as well just leave a regular pocket pussy out uncovered, because this isn’t any less obvious than that.

But if, on the other hand, you’re unashamed and want a masturbator that proclaims your love of golf as loudly as it proclaims your insatiable lust, the Big Johnson Golf Masturbator is perfect for you. The Big Johnson Golf Masturbator features a uniquely designed outer shell made of hard PVC plastic, and inside waits a skin-soft silicone masturbation sleeve. It’s even double ended, with a vagina on one end and anus on the other - forget getting a hole in one, now you can get two holes in one!

The Big Johnson Golf Masturbator makes a perfectly good pocket pussy if you’re just looking for one to use yourself, but it really shines as a gag gift for a friend who loves golf. He’ll be a little confused when he first opens it up, trying to figure out what it is, but as soon as he does he’ll know you know how much he really loves golf. The Big Johnson Golf Masturbator makes a great gag gift for bachelor parties or birthdays. It’s sure to help the user take a few strokes off his golf game, if you know what we mean!
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