The Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll

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  • Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll
  • A masturbator with life-like breasts, pussy and ass
  • No luck on the realistic eyes, though
  • Over 12 pounds of T&A
Quick facts
The Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll combines your favorite parts of the female anatomy and does away with the useless ones, like the brain. Have ship the Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.

Item Description
Have you heard about the Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll? This is a men's sex toy with a release so anticipated, that a man in Ohio ran his car into a sex shop in order to steal one (and he still hasn't been caught!). That's right, a man risked his livelihood and his truck to score one of these sex-carcasses.

Fortunately, if you want one just as badly you can pick up your own Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll right here at, and we'll send it to you discreetly, without any damage to your car or local adult store.

It was quite a task to come up with the best headline for the Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll. What does one say about a men's sex toy that was made to simulate a woman's torso? Here are our top 10 headlines, none of which is remotely politically correct.

1. Keeps Longer In Your Closet than a Corpse

2. Totally life-Like, Except for That Whole No Arms or Legs Thing

3. Because There Just Aren't Dating Sites for This Kinda Thing

4. You Can Put the Lotion on Its Skin

5. Won't Talk Back

6. World's Most Expensive Broomstick Holder

7. Easily Transforms Into Office Putt-Putt

8. Half a Woman Is Better Than No Woman At All

9. It's Completely Legal to Have Sex With This

10. Are You Detached from Reality? So Are This Thing's Legs

It's safe to say we had a lot of fun with the Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll, and that's without even opening the package. This SexFlesh head and torso is firm but soft to mimic the feeling of real skin. It features 36DD breasts, and a detailed vagina and ass. Just don't turn the Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll over; she has no back, and at that point, you MIGHT begin to suspect she's not a real woman.

Worried about cleaning the Seduce Me Scarlet's three entry holes? Never fear. Seduce Me Scarlet has an easy-clean-out reservoir, which is, you know, the place where your semen collects inside the plastic doll you put your penis in.

The Seduce Me Scarlet Sex Doll is over 12 pounds of T&A, for the man who prefers his women on the skinnier side. This sex toy comes with SexFlesh Masturbation Lube (masturbation lube? Wait, I don't understand; Scarlet is a real woman), Revive Powder (It doesn't revive her. We tried.) and a DVD. The sex doll stores easily in your closet or under your bed, but we suggest a locked chest in a steel vault behind a hidden door in the basement under your basement.
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