Fifi Male Masturbator Replacement Sleeves

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  • Replacement sleeves for the Fifi
  • Disposable
  • 10 sleeves per pack
Quick facts
If you've run out of disposable sleeves for your Fifi, now you can buy a refill pack of 10 more sleeves. Keep up the good work!

Item Description
Have you already blown through the five sleeves included with your Fifi? Congratulations! If you’ve been using it like a pubescent boy would, that probably only means a day’s worth of usage. That’s pretty impressive. It’s exhausting, keeping up with the legacy of your hormonal teenage self, isn’t it?

Well, worry not, you won’t need to resort back to fucking regular old pillows and blankets just yet, because these additional replacement sleeves have you covered for another ten uses. The Fifi Disposable Sleeves are made from natural latex and compatible with any water-based personal lubricant. These sleeves are not intended for use as condoms and will not prevent pregnancy or the transmission of STDs.

Ten disposable sleeves.
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