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Fifi No-Mess Male Masturbator

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  • A reusable masturbator with disposable sleeves
  • No-mess cleanup
  • Comes with 5 disposable sleeves
Quick facts
The Fifi No-Mess Masturbator is the perfect solution for men who are nostalgic for their awkward teenage years, or who just want an easy-to-clean male masturbator.
Item Description
Remember back when you were 12 or 13, just discovering some of your body’s more enjoyable functions for the first time? Think back, if you can, to that time before you figured out the most efficient and discreet way to unleash those strange new urges, back when all your brain could figure out how to do was just stick your dick in anything remotely soft-looking and thrust. Pillows, dirty laundry, couch cushions. Nothing was safe, and everything was sticky.

If you’ve been feeling nostalgic for that magical time of self-exploration and discovery, and wishing you could once again fuck a rolled-up blanket without fear of (too much) judgment, today is your lucky day. The Fifi No-Mess Masturbator brings you all the joys of bunched-up-sweater sex without any of the stigma.

The Fifi No-Mess Masturbator consists of a semi-stiff blanket-like roll and some disposable sleeves. Just place one of the sleeves (which look and feel a lot like condoms) on the blanket, roll it up to your desired tightness, and pound away. Ah, just like 7th grade all over again.

In addition to providing that authentic middle school feeling, Fifi is a great toy because it doesn’t require all the cleanup that other male masturbators do. All the mess is contained within the disposable sleeve, which can then be thrown away hassle-free. If only you had something like that back before you ruined every pillow in your parents’ house! When not in use, the Fifi looks just like a small blanket or pillow, and no one will ever figure out what it is.

The Fifi No-Mess Masturbator can be used with any water-based personal lubricant. Comes with 5 disposable sleeves.
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