Fire In the Hole Anal Itch Spray

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Calm your butt itch with Fire in the Hole Anal Itch Spray. Have ship Fire In the Hole directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.
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  • Fire in the Hole
  • Anal Itch Spray
  • For external use only

Item Description
Fire In the Hole Anal Itch Spray. If you've ever had an itchy butt, you understand just how apt the name of this product is. Anal itching, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, poison ivy, poison oak, allergies ... no matter what the cause, there's nothing quite like an itchy butthole. It's not like you can scratch it in public. Running to a bathroom to scratch like a maniac becomes your M.O. when you acquire the dreaded Itchy Butt Syndrome.

You have to pretend your listening to your boss drone on about monthly sales and value enhancements and all you can do is think, "For the love of god, man! Shut up! Don't you know I have to run to the bathroom to scratch my butt?!" Or maybe you're waiting in line at the store, impatiently jumping from foot to foot, waiting for the moment you can get your hands in your pants in the car. Don't let your itchy bum rule your life. Take control with Fire in the Hole.

Stop your anal itching with Fire in the Hole Spray. Fire in the Hole Spray provides temporary relief of itching associated with hemorrhoids, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, poison ivy, sumac and detergents. Apply as needed.

This bottle contains over 150 sprays, more than enough itchy butthole relief for the entire family.

1.5 oz. / 44.36 mL.
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