Remington Nose, Ear and Brow Trimmer

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  • A nose and ear hair trimmer
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Our best nose hair trimmer
Quick facts
The Remington Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer will keep your nose and ears free from unsightly hair. The trimmer can be used on wet or dry hair (so it's useful during allergy season as well). Purchase this embarrassing item in private at

Item Description
You need a nose hair trimmer.

Remember Mr. Perkins from the old neighborhood? Friendly enough guy but you couldn’t talk to him without staring at the hedgerows growing out of his ears and nostrils. Those thick black nose hairs looked like they could reach out and strangle you.

Now all of your unkind years have turned you into Mr. Perkins, so unless you enjoy frightening people, it’s time for drastic action. You’re past the point where tweezers and small scissors are useful. You need this nose hair trimmer. Not just any nose and ear hair trimmer, this is the one that the experts at have chosen as the world's best nose hair trimmer. There is none better.

One AA battery (not included) powers precision blades that will make short work of your protruding man bushes. Rinse the blades under the faucet, snap on the protective cap, and you’re ready for another go. Don’t wait too long; people are already talking.

This nose hair trimmer recently won our nose hair trimmer comparison test, so it's a great choice. What's that? Why yes, we did have a nose hair trimmer comparison test. After all, this is, the world's most private store. People need to know which nose hair trimmer is best, and we are going to be the ones to tell them, privately.
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