This Water-Based Anal Lube Warms

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  • Warming Anal Lube
  • Water-based
  • Condom-safe
Quick facts
JO Warming Anal Lube is a water-based lube that's perfect for comfortable anal sex. Get it from, where we ship in plain brown boxes and never share your information.

Item Description
Looking for a super-specific lube? Like one for your butt, that also warms up? This Water-Based Anal Lube is perfect for more comfortable, relaxed anal sex and anal play.

We like this anal sex lube because it is water-based, condom-safe, won't stain your sheets, and is formulated to be long-lasting. Even though it was formulated specifically for anal sex, it can add pleasurable sensations to vaginal sex as well. You can use this personal lubricant for any sex act or masturbation.

A lot of warming lubes use ingredients like l-arginine to increase blood flow and sensation. However, l-arginine has been linked to herpes flare-ups in those that have the virus. We like System Jo Anal Lube because it doesn't contain this ingredient, and is safe for everyone to use.

Warms on contact. Made in the USA. 4.5 fl. oz. / 135 ml e.
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