Penis Enlargement Cream

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  • Penis enlargement cream
  • Could change your life if it worked
  • A bigger penis is a good thing
Quick facts
Why swallow penis enlargement pills when you could rub a cream on your penis? Then at least you get the enjoyment of playing with yourself. And if it doesn't work, well, at least you tried.

Item Description
Ever notice that those of us with large penises think we’re better than other men? Look at us, our dicks seem to say. We’re big swinging kielbasas and you’re just a mushroom cap hiding in the bushes. Well, life is cruel, as you already have discovered. That doesn’t mean you must take such indignities lying down. You can stand up, if you like. You’ll still be Mr. Tiny down there, but that’s not the end of the world. It would be for us real men, of course, yet surely you’ve grown accustomed to your inadequacies by now.

Then, every so often, someone tries to help the penile-challenged “male.” That’s the case here with Mr. Thick Dick Penis Englarger Cream. Don’t be fooled. Do you really believe that a cream that actually worked would feature such a ridiculous name? And if it did work, wouldn’t every man already be slathering it on like mustard on a hot dog? So you must know that this stuff is a joke, a mild scam perpetuated on men with more hope than sense. You’re far too smart to fall for this.

On the other hand, just imagine if it did work. A bigger penis for less than ten bucks. Wouldn’t that be great?

1.5 oz. tube
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