Perky Pasties Nipple Enhancers

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  • Perky Pasties
  • Silicone nipple enhancers
  • Reusable
Quick facts
The Perky Pasties give you the illusion of hard nipples, all the time. Get them from, where we never add you to any lists or share your info.

Item Description
Do you have nipples? No? Then the Perky Pasties Nipple Enhancers are for you. These silicone enhancers make you look cold and/or aroused as hell, all the time! They are perfect for dancers who want to look perky under their bikinis, or for regular ol' ladies who want to entice Nipple Daddies (this is what I'm now calling men who love nipples).

As an experiment, a friend and I wore the Perky Pasties out to the bar. He was wearing a black shirt, so no one really noticed. I was wearing a white shirt, and felt like a billboard for nipples. It was awkward. Ultimately, we had the most fun when we handed them to people, and watched them feel them up. It's actually pretty soothing to have a nipple in hand to stroke.

The Perky Pasties are perfect for women who feel insecure about their inverted nipples. They will also work for women who have had nipple removal due to a mastectomy. These pasties give the illusion of nipples all the time, and work under or over a bra. The silicone makes them very comfortable. The Perky Pasties are reusable and stick easily to skin or clothing.

2 silicone pasties.
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