Crazy Girl Pheromone Body Lotion

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  • Crazy Girl Sparkling Body Lotion
  • Smells like cupcakes
  • Body-safe and natural
Quick facts
Crazy Girl Sparkling Lotion smells like pink cupcakes and makes people want to be close to you. Order this pheromone-enhanced lotion from, and every aspect of your order will be discreet.

Item Description
Crazy Girl Body Lotion smells exactly like amazing, tasty, vanilla cake. I kind of want to eat a bottle of this lotion, but unfortunately, it isn't edible. I might do it anyway, though. It smells that good.

Crazy Girl Sparkling Body Lotion doesn't just smell amazing: it looks wonderful on your skin. It contains little sparkles that emphasize your best assets. To top it all off, Crazy Girl Body Lotion contains sex attractants called pheromones that inspire sensuality and draw people to you. Really, you couldn't ask for a better lotion. Crazy Girl does it all!

To use: Smooth over clean skin for a shimmery diva sparkle and softness. Enjoy the sweetness of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla musk and light fresh berries. Slip on something sexy and let your lover eat you alive.

Made in the USA. No animal testing. Sugar-free. Safe for all skin types. Paraben-free and sulfate-free.

6.0 fl oz/ 177.4 ml
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