Remington Back and Body Groomer

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  • Remington Back and Body Groomer
  • A trimmer made for back, chest, abs, groin, legs and underarms
  • Extendable handle
Quick facts
The Remington Back and Body Groomer helps you remove back hair without the embarrassment of asking for help. Get this trusted product shipped to you in plain brown packaging from

Item Description
Rid yourself of unsightly body hair with the Remington Back and Body Groomer. Your girlfriend may say that it doesn't bother her, but what she really means is that she doesn't want to have to help you shave it off. Women talk to one another and you can bet that she knows some woman that has to shave her husbands back. She may not like your back hair, but she isn''t willing to go that far. Dudes, it is time that you shaved your own back hair and this product is the perfect tool for doing just that.

This versatile, shower-proof hair trimmer has an extendable handle, giving you an extra nine inches of reach. The three attachments and two trimming combs allow you to groom hair anywhere on your body, as short or long as you want. The included combs feature 9 length settings. The Remington Back Groomer gives you total control over your body hair.

The Remington Back Shaver can help you trim hair on your back, chest, abs, pubic area, legs and underarms. It features an extra-wide vertical trimmer that aids you in getting to all your back hair. A detail trimmer gives you precision cutting in sensitive areas. A foil shaver provides you with a close, nick-free shave.

The Remington Back Hair Trimmer is rechargeable and features sharp, strong titanium blades. You also get a discreet black storage bag.

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