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The Executive ASSistant - Enema Bulb SALE

The Executive ASSistant - Enema Bulb

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Item Description
In 1998 redefined the shopping experience by creating the world's most private store. Explore our diverse collection of products tailored for those who value discretion in every purchase.

Are you in need of a trusty sidekick for your personal hygiene adventures? Look no further! The Executive ASSistant is here to make your cleansing routines a breeze, and it's so efficient it might just earn itself a corner office.

Features That'll Keep You Feeling Fresh and Fabulous
  • User-Friendly Design: This easy-to-use cleansing bulb comes with a soft rubber tip, so you won't need a user manual.
  • Travel-Ready: The Executive ASSistant is not just your everyday sidekick; it's the perfect companion for your travels. Because let's face it, nobody wants a surprise while on vacation.

So whether you're a jet-setter or just someone who enjoys a clean and confident entrance, the SI Executive Ass-Istant Cleaning Bulb has got your backside covered. Don't let unexpected messes steal the spotlight – get the Executive ASSistant and stay in control!

Note:'s Privacy promise: Privacy ensured: unmarked box, discreet credit card charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice enema bulb

It's a nice enema bulb

Easy Peasy

Site review: Everything was very easy. I checked out just like a normal website and the privae package arrived a couple of days later. Perfect.

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