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relax anal spray SALE
relax anal spray SALE

Relax Anal Lube - A Numbing Spray Lube

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  • Relax Anal Lube
  • Easy spray formula
  • Contains 5% lidocaine
Quick facts
Relax Anal Lube is a spray lube that desensitizes your anal area. Get this anal lube from, where we always ship and bill with complete discretion.
Item Description
Relax Anal Lube is a lube for anal sex that contains lidocaine. Lidocaine desensitizes the anal area, helping you to ease in larger objects and relax for easier penetration.

Relax Anal Lube contains 3% lidocaine. It comes in an easy spray gel, so you can spray it in, on and around your anal area. You can use this spray before, during and after anal sex, as well as with anal toys.

4.4 fl. oz./ 130 mL.
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