The Shavy Femini Intimate Shaver

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  • Shavy Femini
  • A shaver for lips, face and eyebrows
  • Perfect for creating shapes in pubic hair
Quick facts
The Shavy Femini helps you remove unwanted hair from your face and pubic area. Have ship the Shavy Femini right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.

Item Description
Here is a product that is being imported from Japan. It is a small facial hair trimmer made by the Seiko company.

The Shavy Femini ladies face shaver is designed to help women trim and shape their hair. Originally it was designed for around your lips, face, and eyebrows.

There is also a dirty little secret about the Shavy Femini, we have recently learned that some folks use this type of trimmer to create shapes in their pubic hair. We learned in Cosmopolitan magazine that hearts, triangles and rectangles are the most common shapes.

Making shapes with this type of shaver is easy and safe because it has one blade that moves and another that is stationary. You keep the stationary side along your skin and you are perfectly safe.

This is a nice quality shaver made by Seiko. Seiko is the same company that makes watches and other small electric devices. A Chinese-made imitator is currently sold on late night TV as the Micro Shaver. The Shavy Femini is made in Japan and of higher quality than the Micro Shaver. The Femini uses one AA battery which is included. We hope you enjoy the ability to ShopInPrivate for it.
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