A Hydraulic Penis Pump


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  • Hercules Bathmate Penis Pump
  • A hydraulic penis pump
  • For men with erectile dysfunction
Quick facts
The Hercules Bathmate Penis Pump uses water rather than air to enlarge your penis. Get the Bathmate at ShopInPrivate.com, where we never disclose your personal information to anyone.

Item Description
Use water to make your penis bigger and harder. Yes, you read that right. The thing is, you can't just splash water on your wang to make it bigger. You're going to have to use this special hydropenis pump.

The Hydraulic Penis Pump claims to enlarge your penis and keep your erections lasting longer, as well as keep your penis in optimum health. The idea is that having water rather than air inside the penis pump creates a more even vacuum, forming a solid cushion of water around the penis, allowing for uniform expansion of the penis, rather than creating bends or bulges.

From the Hercules Bathmate Penis Pump website: "Air is spongy and compressible, which means if you create a vacuum inside a tube with air, the air that remains simply spreads thinner inside the tube. This means the penis can expand unevenly, creating possible bending and bulging of the penis. Water on the other hand is incompressible, so when water is pumped from a sealed tube around the penis, the water cannot spread out to help fill the gap and that means the penis must expand to fill the full volume of water removed. As water is incompressible it forms a solid cushion around the penis, allowing for uniform expansion without bending or bulging."

Penis pumps are helpful and effective for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) who would like to find ways to have sex. Place a cock ring around the base of the penis after using the pump for maximum effectiveness.
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