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Kegel Kit - Kegel Balls & A Bullet Vibrator SALE
Kegel Kit with Balls and Vibe SALE
Kegel Exercising Balls and Bullets SALE

The Kegel Kit - With Ben-Wa Balls

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  • A Kegel Kit
  • Contains kegel balls and a strong vibrator
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
Quick facts
The Kegel Kit contains kegel balls, ben-wa balls and a bullet vibrator. Get this Kegel Kit at, where we only ship in plain brown paper boxes.
Item Description
The Kegel Kit is a great kit to get started with pleasurable, effective Kegel exercises. This kit was made to help you tone your PC muscles and give you better orgasms.

Toned pelvic floor muscles can help you have better orgasms, pleasure your partner, and help get you back into shape after childbirth. PC muscles are responsible for the control of urine, so stronger muscles can help with incontinence as well.

To use this set, try inserting the silicone kegel balls and wearing them around the house or to the gym. You can also clench while pulling the string for added resistance.

The smaller silver Ben-Wa balls can be used solo or for more pleasure during sex. Ben-Wa balls are a little harder to hang onto because of their size, so they are more challenging.

The intense bullet vibrator has multiple speeds and can be used with the Kegel Balls inside, or solo.

Takes 2 AAA batteries.
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