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Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne

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  • A cologne that enhances your sexual appeal
  • Has a clean citrus scent
  • Stimulates both men and women
Quick facts
Pure Instinct is a cologne that just might help you get laid. Its pheromone-infused formula arouses the senses and elevates confidence. This unique product is available here at
Item Description

Pure Instinct is a pheromone cologne that just might help you find a partner or have a better day.

Pure Instinct Cologne contains Pheromones. Pheromones, like those infused in Pure Instinct cologne, are naturally occurring chemical signals emitted by organisms to communicate with others of the same species. In the case of humans, pheromones play a subtle yet significant role in interpersonal attraction and social dynamics. Pure Instinct cologne utilizes carefully selected pheromones that mimic those naturally produced by the body, enhancing the wearer's allure and charisma. These pheromones can evoke subconscious responses in those nearby, such as increased feelings of trust, attraction, and comfort. By amplifying these primal signals, Pure Instinct cologne effectively heightens the wearer's natural appeal, making it an enticing choice for those seeking to enhance their presence and charm.

Pure Instinct is a unisex fragrance with a light, citrusy scent. Men and women can wear it and men and women like the smell of it. Pure Instinct is specially formulated with pheromones to stimulate sexual appeal and to help others find you more attractive. Users notice many benefits:

  • Elevates Confidence
  • Enhances Moods
  • Awakens the senses
  • People treat you with more kindness
  • Conversations are easier

Wear daily as you would any fragrance. For a special treat, add to
bath water. Contains a generous blend of pheromones and essential oils. Buy it from The World's Most Private Store.

Each bottle is .5 fluid ounces (15 ml).

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nice scent

I’m not sure about the pheromone factor yet, as I haven’t received any sort of desired attention, but it’s a very nice and soothing scent :)

Stuff works

I wear it for client visits. Works. This stuff has made me tens of thousands.

Stuff works

I wear it for client visits. Works. This stuff has made me tens of thousands.

I was skeptical of this

I was skeptical of this because how could it be unisex? How could the same pheromones attract men and women? Well, I don\'t know... but it does. Both men and women go crazy for this stuff. How do I know? Let\'s just say I had a really good night. ;)

Anything that smells nice (citrus)

Anything that smells nice (citrus) and puts everyone in a good mood and want to do nice things for eachother is a winner!

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