Naughty Vibrations Sexy Game and Vibe

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  • Naughty Vibrations
  • A bullet vibrator and sex game
  • Batteries included
Quick facts
The Naughty Vibrations Game features a sex suggestions and a vibrator. Get this vibrator at, where we ship in plain brown boxes and never email you after the sale.

Item Description
The Naughty Vibrations Vibrator and Game is a great way to introduce your lover to the pleasures of a vibrator. This tiny vibrator won't scare anyone off: it's just two inches long, and perfect for stimulating him or her everywhere.

The Naughty Vibrations vibrator has a velvet-soft coating. It is silicone-coated and phthalate-free. It is waterproof, pleasurable, and quiet.

This vibrator comes with 50 cards. Each card lists a foreplay activity or sexual position for you to try with your new vibrator. You can use these cards to play three different games. Instructions listed on the back of the package.

Contents: 1 bullet vibrator; 50 activity cards.
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