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Throat Coating Oral Sex Cream - Tastes Great

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  • Licolicious Blowjob Cream
  • Cinnabun flavor
  • 1.7 fluid ounces
Quick facts
Throat your coat with this tasty, thick gel, which makes giving blow jobs easier. Get it at, where we never send emails after the sale or share your personal info.
Item Description
Have you ever been giving a blowjob, and thought, "Wow, I really wish there was something else in my mouth right now?" I didn't think so. But wait. This is a cream that coats your mouth with a tasty cinnabun flavor. This cream is made with coconut oil, so the flavor stays put in your mouth. To put it simply, this cream just helps you try to forget, in any way possible, that there is a penis in your mouth.

This cream will be all that you taste, so you will be able to give head for longer, and deeper. You'll like the taste, and he'll like the result.

Cinnabun flavor. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mL e.

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