The Masturbation Glove - Pretend You're Getting a Handsy from a Sea Monster

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  • Masturbation Glove
  • Looks scary
  • Feels pretty damn good
Quick facts
The Masturbation Glove is a weird sex toy that we actually kind of like. Buy it at and feel guilty with us. At least we'll never email you after the sale.

Item Description
The worst part about the Masturbation Glove is that it feels great. No, really, hear me out.

Why would it be bad that the Masturbation Glove feels soft and sexy and amazing? Well, because it looks creepy as hell. The Masturbation Glove looks like Pinhead and a sea anemone had a baby, and that baby wants to give you a hand job.

We bought the Masturbation Glove to make fun of it. It's ugly as sin. But then I made the mistake of putting it on and touching its soft tentacles. Next thing you know, I was stroking the back of my hand, imaging what a nice massage the Masturbation Glove would give. And then I realized ... a penis or clitoris would probably really love this ugly thing.

I wouldn't recommend the Masturbation Glove as a first-date kind of sex toy. Maybe the kind of thing you bring out with someone who has seen you through food poisoning. That, or get a blindfold.

As for use on your own, the Masturbating Glove is a nice, cheap sex toy that will add a new feel for men and for women.

Stretchy; fits and pleases men and women. One glove per package.

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