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Explode Again and Again with the Grenade Stroker SALE
Grenade Male Masturbator SALE
Grenade Stroker For Men SALE
Grenade-Shaped Male Masturbation Device SALE

Colt Grenade Stroker

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  • Grenade Stroker
  • A male masturbator
  • A stretchy men's sex toy
Quick facts
The Grenade Stroker is one of the world's weirdest sex toys. We carry it at for your embarrassing needs and entertainment. Get it with our discreet shipping methods.
Item Description
Your Dick. Your dick is pretty special. It's pretty hard. It's kind of fantastic. You think so, I'm sure. Your dick is SO special, in fact, SO hard ... that you really shouldn't being using to bang delicate lady parts. You should be penetrating a fucking grenade. That's right. A GRENADE. Does your penis deserve anything less?

The Grenade Masturbator understands that your penis isn't a mere power tool; it's the hammer of Thor. This stretchy masturbator is thick, soft and can take whatever kind of beating you give it. I mean, why have sex with a pretty girl when you can have sex with a lethal weapon?

One last thing about the Grenade Masturbator: this grenade doesn't explode; you do. Ok, that wasn't that great, but what do want? I'm writing this drunk.
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