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A Really Nice Vibrating Pocket Pussy

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SKU: M-SE-0848-60-3
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  • A Vibrating Pocket Pussy
  • Rechargeable
  • Vibration and custom tightness
Quick facts
The Vibrating Pocket Pussy is one of our favorite male masturbators. Get it at, where we never send emails after the sale or add you to any lists.
Item Description
Want a pocket pussy that's been pimped out to the Nth degree? Wait, maybe we should rephrase that. What we mean is: this pocket pussy comes with all the bells and whistles. It features quality construction; a discreet shell; 30 intense functions of vibration; a pressure-sensitive chamber; and a realistic look. This pocket pussy vibrates with a deep, low vibration, and it is rechargeable for ease of use.

The Vibrating Pocket Pussy comes in a discreet shell with an ergonomic handle; no one will know it's a pocket pussy unless they pop off the top. When you open it, you'll find a super-soft, luxurious, real-feel pussy with internal texture for more pleasure. Squeeze the pressure-sensitive pads on the shell to customize the tightness for the perfect fit.

The Vibrating Pocket Pussy features 30 different vibration modes. We like the vibration because it is low and thudding, instead of high-pitched and buzzing. This sex toy is fairly quiet to boot. The pussy itself is seven inches long, with a very stretchy diameter. We recommend this pocket pussy for most penis sizes, since the fit is fairly customizable.

Includes a USB charging cord. Charge using your computer or the cube from your smartphone.

The internal sleeve can be removed for easy cleaning. Use with a water-based lube, and wash with a damp cloth and mild soap/sex toy cleaner.
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